5 Reasons to choose a First Look on your Wedding Day

I’ve been able to document a number of first looks at some recent weddings and I’m personally really loving the results of them.  When I got married over 12 years ago now, they weren’t a thing.  I’m loving this trend and although its not very new anymore, I wanted to write a quick blog post on why I think you should choose a first look for your wedding day.


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1. Quiet Moments – Your wedding day is a day full of celebrations and whether you have 25 people or 225 people there usually aren’t any quiet moments.  A first look gives you the opportunity to come together and spend a few minutes of alone time before the start of your celebrations.  I know these are some of the most treasured moments for you!

2. More Portraits – Taking the time to do a first look will allow you more overall portraits in your final wedding gallery.  I like to utilize all moments that we can and having the first look will allow me another point in your day to capture photos of you together.

3. Deep Breaths – A first look may help in calming any nerves that you may be having leading up to that point.  Spending time together may help to centre and calm those nerves.  It allows you the opportunity to take a few deep breaths together.

4. Non-Traditional – The old tradition is that its bad luck to see each other before the wedding day, but I like think out with the old and in with the new! I don’t think first looks take anything away from walking down the aisle and seeing each other again. The looks that are exchanged when walking down the aisle are just as full of love and happiness as couples who have not done first looks.
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5. Timeline Advantages – Your timeline may thank you when choosing a first look.  Things tend to run late and usually the thing that gets cut is bride and groom portrait time.  By intentionally working a first look into your day you are taking control of your timeline and allowing yourselves to have the best advantage for portraits together.
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I hope these suggestions help in your decision of whether to incorporate a first look or not.  If you are interested in learning more about the wedding packages that I have to offer, I would love to hear from you!  You can get in contact with me here and we can get to know one another and talk about telling your wedding day story.