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This blog post will contain so many flowers and will have you longing for spring and colours again, I can guarantee it!  I had the privilege of being able to shoot 10 weddings of my own and then second shot for a number of wedding this past year.  I saw so many different wedding flower trends and they were all awesome!  From simple bouquets, bouquets made from repurposed brooches and jewelry, cascading bouquets– every wedding was unique!

One trend that I have simply adored was the amount of greenery incorporated into the bouquets, tablescapes and centrepieces.  I hope that trend sticks around for this coming year too!  I’ve tried to narrow down my most favourite flower and I have too many! What I’ve really been drawn to is anemones.  I love their simplicity but yet the intricate details of this elegant flower.

I’ve been privilege to work with a number of different florists and photograph their work.  Their sites are linked below so if you are a bride and still are looking to secure your flowers for your wedding, I highly recommend any of the florists listed below!

What are some trends you are hoping to see in 2018?  Are you planning on a bright bouquet or are you having elegant neutrals?  Whatever your floral plans are, I know it will be beautiful!


Tottenham Foodland Florist Department

Love Etc. – Diana Slappendal

Bern’s Florist – Alliston

Orillia Metro

Carol Tobin at

Rural Roots Flower Co. 

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Fun + Beautiful Family Session – Hamilton Lifestyle Photographer

Meet the Stringer Family! Shortly before Christmas, I was able to come to their home to photograph their new life together as a family of three.  Sweet little Everly joined their family just over four months ago (at the time of the session) and they needed some memories captured with their beautiful little daughter.  Life with little ones can get so busy and can fly by in an instant and having memories like this preserved for generations is something they will never forget.

Having just recently moved into a new home, they chose to have an in-home lifestyle session.  Having a lifestyle session in your home allows the time to be personal and more comfortable.  You are more relaxed and as a photographer, I can incorporate more personal elements to tell a larger story.  I love the first picture on the right in this post.  Not only am I capturing the moment of Joe and Ashley dressing their sweet daughter, but you can see photos of their maternity session in the background.  Simple things like photographing in a beautifully decorated nursery that they worked so lovingly and hard at just makes these moments so much more special.

Also being in your own home or a comfortable space for a lifestyle session, allows you the chance to incorporate family pets.  I love that we were able to have a few photos with their dog Louis with their family!  He is such a sweet dog and was completely smitten with baby Everly! At one point as I was photographing the family as everyone was looking at the camera, Louie was giving baby Everly kisses- so funny!

Thank you again Stringer family for choosing to invest in these family memories! I wish you so many blessings of joy and happiness as you continue to grow as a family and create new memories together.

If you are in need of family memories and want a stress-free, comfortable photo experience, now is the time.  Contact me to learn how I can help you create lasting memories for your family to look back on for generations.


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Brand New Baby Boy – Hamilton Newborn Photographer

In November I was able to spend some time with the Mellish family documenting some memories for them with their new little baby boy.  This sweet little one was instantly loved and cherished by his family.  He has some pretty awesome big sisters who are also amazing with helping mom and dad out with everything that comes with having a newborn in the home again.  Continuing the tradition of naming their children with K names, Kerry and Mike named their new little baby boy, Kane.

Kane was the best newborn I have been able to photograph.  He slept the entire time!  We moved around a lot and moved him around a lot but he just kept sleeping- it was actually amazing! He is such a sweet baby and I’m so thankful to have been able to capture some memories for this new family of five.

I know when having a baby everything seems like a lot and often times having your family photographed may be the last thing that you want to do.  I’ve been there, and I totally understand!  I now have those visible memories to last a life time.  I can glance at the picture of my daughter and me on my wall and it instantly brings me right back to those moments and what I was feeling at that exact time.  I didn’t know that I needed those memories. I’m so thankful to have invested into that amazing stage in our lives, even if it didn’t feel amazing to me.

Thank you again Mellish family for having me into your home to capture some visible memories for your family.  I wish you so many blessings as you continue to raise baby Kane.

When was the last time your family was in front of the camera?  Do you find yourself saying we’ll wait until my home is clean, or until I lose some weight, or until its nice weather outside, or insert any excuse here…and I understand, I’m a mom and I’ve made those excuses as well.   There will never be a ‘right time’ for investing into a photography session.  If you recognize yourself in this paragraph, reach out, send me an email at or use my contact form here – I’d love to create tangible memories for you!

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365 Diptych Project – Hamilton Photography – Hamilton Lifestyle Photographer

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve completed our move to the Hamilton area and I’m finally getting settled in! We pretty much holed ourselves indoors the past two weeks with it being so cold outside.  But we’ve emerged and we are getting used to new routines- one being that my two oldest kids are gone from eight in the morning until just past 4:30 in the afternoon- long days!

With it being mid January already I’m finally getting around to sharing about some of my new goals, projects and resolutions.  This year I’m committing to doing a 365 project.  When I started this journey into photography, my every day lifestyle is what inspired me.  Last year I failed horribly at capturing memories for our family.  In October I only pulled out my camera twice- once being Halloween- the required photos!  This year I want to re-ignite that love for photography and the love of capturing photos for my family.  I enjoy looking back and knowing what we all accomplished in a year and I know my kids love it too!

This year I’m twisting it up and bit and adding an element of creativeness and documenting not only my everyday, but also incorporating those shots into Diptych – just digitally!  I’ve been inspired by a fellow ClickinMom on Instagram who has started the #mylifeindiptychs project.  A few of us have been added to the list of capturing daily diptychs.

I wanted to share a few of my first few days of this project.  I know January is always the best for me and then when the season gets a little busier I tend to drift away.  But this time I’m really committing to taking my camera to all places – even McDonald’s!  I’m looking forward to seeing how this project completely unfolds.

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I’m Engaged! Now What?! – Hamilton Wedding Photographer

This holiday season not only brings emotions of good tidings and cheer, it also brings the emotion of love and reflection.  Statistics show that many dating couples will get engaged over the Holiday season.  This is super exciting!  Not only do you get to celebrate a great time of year with friends and family, you now get to celebrate your happy engagement!

But once the holidays are over and life gets back to normal you realize that you have a wedding to plan!  Planning a wedding can be overwhelming as far as figuring out what to do when.  I thought I’d quickly give a few tips of things you should be starting to look at within six week of getting engaged.

1. Share the Good News!

This seems like an obvious point but I think it should warrant a little comment.  Make sure you either visit in person or pick up the phone and tell your loved ones your happy news.  Loved ones don’t like to find out important news via a third party or through a Facebook post.  I know in your excitement you will want to tell the whole world right away but I just want to encourage you to spend a bit of time to keep this happy moment between you and your closest loved ones until the all find out.

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2.  Pick a Date

The next most important item will be to pick a date.  If you are thinking of a shorter engagement then a date needs to be picked quite quickly.  Consult with your closest loved ones first to make sure that the date does work for them.  It’s advised that save the date cards should be sent out 8-12 months in advance if booking a destination wedding and at least 4 months in advance for local weddings.

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3.  Research + Book Your Venue

Next to picking your wedding date, this is the most important item on your to do list.  Popular venues tend to book two years or more in advance.  If you are willing to pick a weekday for your wedding you may have more flexibility.  Think about what type of wedding you want- are you more outdoorsy and adventurous– then an outdoor more rustic venue may be perfect for you! If you are classy and enjoy all the glamour then a high profile wedding venue may be best suited for you.  There is really so much out there for every type of couple!

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4.  Book a Photographer + Videographer

Like the above point, photographers and videographers tend to book a year or two out.  Popular dates tend to book up quickly.  Do your best to research the right fit of photographer for you.  I highly recommend an in-person meeting to see if you click.  Come prepared with a list of questions that you may have for your photographer.  Most photographers will also come prepared with examples of their work in printed form.

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5.  Think about Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

While this is not much of a time pressure, its good to discuss with one another who you’d like to be sharing and standing up for you on your wedding day.  Having some pretty awesome people surround you is so important and you want to make sure you make the right choices in asking people who you know will support you!

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I hope these quick tips will help you in your wedding planning!  I’m currently booking weddings for 2018 and 2019 and have openings still, if you were interested in learning more about my wedding packages I’d love to hear from you!  We can chat over email, over the phone or meet up in person over a hot beverage or my favourite, a glass of wine!