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Digital vs Prints – The Epic Battle Continues – Alliston Photographer

Yesterday I tuned into the season finale of This is Us.  If you don’t know what this TV series is then you live under a rock!  This new series follows the lives of triplets, Kevin, Kate and Randall, their parents and their families.  It jumps back and forth between present time and their parents past. […]

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How to Stay Creative during the Quieter Months – Alliston Photographer

Like many industries, photography has a season of busyness.  This generally falls into the months of September to December.  When January arrives many of us photographers take a deep sigh of relief and bask in the quieter days of less hectic demands.  To be honest, I love this rhythm.  I love being in the thick […]

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Printing & Displaying Your Photographs – Alliston & Barrie Photographer

I wanted to write a brief post about something that is dear to my heart– printing and displaying your photographs. So you’ve just finished your session and you received a drive with all your digital files on it, now what?  As a photographer who delivers mostly digital images, its my job to encourage you all […]

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