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Stories of the Heart – Week Three

Here I am at week three already and again a bit late!  I’m finding this stage in life to be incredibly overwhelming.  I have little kids– a three month old, an almost three year old and an almost six year old.  They are busy, and loud and needy!  Which leaves me pulled in many, many…

Baby Girl – Alliston Newborn Photographer – Lifestyle Session

I had the great privilege of photographing a sweet, beautiful little girl when she was just over two weeks old.  She is the first child born to her excited new parents and she is so very loved.  She spent quite  a bit of the time awake and ready to be up!  Towards the end of…

This and That – Alliston Family & Children’s Photographer

I’ve been trying to go back through my photos and work on organizing and I came across a few pictures of this and that from back in September.  Some from spending time at Grandpa & Grandma’s, some from playing around the house and some silly ones!  Its feels good to look back and remember!