My Why

I believe that what I do is much more than an end goal of getting a ‘good’ photograph and having everyone look their best in it.

It is the process of remembering what life was like at that exact moment in time.  Image making is about beautifully telling stories that will be upheld throughout the years.

Stories of love, of celebrations, of accomplishment and even stories of tough moments.

In order to preserve these stories, I choose to document them in the most authentic way possible.  Letting you be in the moments together and quietly photographing those memories so they can be cherished by generations to come.

I will always cherish this photo of my son and my late grandfather.  When he left this earth so suddenly in late summer 2015, we never knew how much of a role he filled in all of our lives.  One of the few things we have left of him is his spirit in our hearts and visual memories.

This is what fuels me as a photographer- knowing that through this picture I can tell stories to my kids and my grand-kids about what a beautiful heart my grandfather had.  This is what photography is all about, freezing that exact moment in time so we can share those stories for years to come.

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My photography galleries for Families, Children, Maternity & Newborns and Weddings are located here. I hope you love my style of photography and if you are interested in learning more about how I can create a lasting custom photography session for you, please contact me here.

Kristin Peereboom Photography specializes in family photography, wedding photography, newborn photography, children photography and maternity photography and serves the areas of Alliston, Barrie and the GTA.