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Happy Canada Day – Fireworks!

This is my second year photographing fireworks and its one of my favourite things to photograph!  Each set is completely different and you really don’t know what you are getting until after its shot.  I also like that I can still enjoy the fireworks and just press my handy remote button off and on to…

Spring Macros

I love my macro lens.  Its my therapy.  When I am out shooting with it – its like time stands still.  It is me and the object I am seeing.  I’m learning to see those objects from different angles.  Look for their beauty and look for the imperfections.  Spring is my most favourite time to…

Wishing it was Warmer – Alliston, Ontario Macro Photographer

The weather this winter has been brutal!  I am not a cold weather person to begin with– so this deep freeze/snowmaggedon has left me counting down days until spring and warmer temperatures.  Here are some bright, summery pictures from a time when it wasn’t minus crazy celcius!  Enjoy!  

A Giveaway and Officially Open for Business!

After many months of preparation I am excited to announce that I am officially taking on clients!  And for a limited time I will be offering a 30% discount on all session prices.   If you are looking for some updated family pictures or have an important event in your life that you would like to…