I am a photographer, mother & visual story teller

who believes that


Your story deserves to be told well


As a photographer of over 8 years, I spend time photographing families, couples, and people who believe that their story matters! Pictures and stories can span generations and my desire is to document your story so you can tell it to your children and the generations to come.

When I'm not photographing my clients, I'm spending time by the water with a good book or walking through the forest.


I'd love to connect more! Feel free to click the link below to learn more about how I can partner with you to document your story.

I'm so thankful that you stopped by my little space on the web! A few things about me that you probably didn't know before:


1. I met my husband in a rose greenhouse and we've been together for almost 17 years now! And let me tell you, it hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but its been a beautiful journey filled with joy and failures.


2. Together we have three beautiful children who are 13, 10, and 7 years old. They are my biggest lessons in life and they continually teach me about the beauty of this life.


3. Story is how I process the deep things in my life. As I continue to share the stories of my life, I am aware of how important your stories are as well. My goal is to tell your story as authentically as possible.



Come visit and see a small collection of some of my favourite client stories that I have had the privilege to capture. From the joy that comes from a newborn baby, a new love, a fresh beginning as a married couple, or to simply wanting to tell your story right now- all of these moments deserve to be captured and told well.




Alliston, Ontario


@kristinpeereboomphotography | #kppweddings


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