The S Family – Summer Light Family Photography

Summer is a great time to have a family session. But if I’m being truly honest, I think anytime is a great time for a family session! This past July I was able to spend some time with the awesome S family. Their lovely property was the perfect setting for a gorgeous end of summer day light filled session!

Jelena and Jesse’s little guy was a bottle full of joyful energy and we had a blast chasing the light and him! The best way to wrangle a busy pre-schooler is to create some fun games– blowing bubbles is always a fan favourite.

When asked beforehand what one thing that as parents they would want their child to remember about their childhood, Jelena shared that she wanted her child to remember what love feels like through the things and memories they make by laughing, playing, and being together. This family story session did just that!

The main goal at a photo session should always be to have a fun, joy filled time together. And a strong second is just rolling with what happens, because life with children is always full of ups and downs and unexpectedness.

But every persons reason for photo session is different. The S family knows the importance of images- they serve as a reminder of blessings but also the journey it took to get to this place! Photos show belonging and presence and having these images as a future reminder of who they are is so important!

Why are your family’s photos important to you? What is the reason behind why you preserve your memories? These are both great questions to think on! When you are ready to explore your why, or you know your why, and you are ready to tell your family’s story, feel free to send me a message! I’d love to help tell your story!


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